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Best Human Growth Hormone Supplement

At about the age of thirty the symptoms of aging start appearing in the human body. There is no difference, be it a man or a woman. The process of aging starts when the growth stops and the body starts using up the existing resources already stored in it. Why this growing process stops?

To get the answer we must learn what this growing process is and how it takes place. Human growth is made possible by a special hormone produced in the brain. This hormone is known as the human growth hormone. This hormone encourages cell production and stimulates growth.

This human growth hormone helps develop the muscles, reduce the excess fat content in the body, retain calcium, strengthen the bones and slow down the onset of osteoporosis. Human growth hormone monitors and controls the sugar and insulin levels in the body. It is also responsible for determining the height of the person.

Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland in our brains. This natural production of the hormone starts at the birth itself. It continues production and reaches the zenith at the time of puberty.

At this time the requirement of human growth hormone is at its highest. This is because the human body grows the fastest at this period, irrespective of the sex. The all-round development requires more of this hormone. The production of human growth hormone continues to be high all through the adulthood.

At about the age of thirty the slow down of the production of human growth hormone sets in. The process of aging steps in. Elasticity of the skin is reduced. Years later, the skin will start getting wrinkles. All other symptoms of aging come along with it. Loss of muscle tissues, depression, lack of energy and diabetes start appearing. All these happen due to the reduced production of human growth hormone.

Fortunately, now some remedies are available in the form of human growth hormone supplements. Some of these products are found to be very effective. Some others are outright fakes. Human growth hormone or HGH supplements are coming in three forms.

They are meant to supply the HGH to the body. Spray is one form of supplement available. It is to be sprayed in the mouth. But it does not have the ability to penetrate the membrane of the mouth. So they are ineffective.

Another is HGH injection. They are very effective, but very expensive. A single injection costs about $25. The total cost per month is around $750. Moreover, it is a prescription medicine. The third option and the best is the pill. The cost is comparatively low, available over the counter and is very effective.

One brand of growth hormone supplement is the GenF20. Doctors recommend it and people who used it are more than satisfied with it. Another product from the same manufacturers is the GHR1000. GHR1000 is equally or less effective. This is also coming in pill form. It is better to take an expert advice to choose between the two.

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