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The Most Common Side Effects of Genf20

The human growth hormone (hGH: Human Growth Hormone) or Somatropin belongs to the group of peptide hormones and it can be released by supplements like Genf20. These peptide hormones have diverse actions and are produced by the body and exogenous is difficult to identify. In addition, the peptide hormones affect the metabolism because they are proteins with hormonal effects.

The growth hormone released by Genf20 is a molecule of protein consisting of a chain of 191 amino acids, and has a globular shape. It is secreted by the pituitary cells of each individual, it passes into the plasma and can reach all target organs of the person and their receptors. Its main effect is an effect soma trope, that is to say, it stimulates growth, hence its name.

Note that growth hormone is the most anabolic hormone in the human body. In the case of doping, somatropin is sought by athletes for several specific reasons: firstly because it allows a large increase, and rapid muscle mass. But his most characteristic is that it is very difficult to detect, if not impossible to detect because it is very hard to distinguish the synthetic hormone in the natural endogenous hormone.

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Effects and Risks Of Genf20

The main effects of growth hormone released by Genf20 on the body are: stimulation of the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids in skeletal muscle, stimulation of growth of long bones (length) if the bones are not yet welded, stimulation of lipolysis leads to increased concentrations of free fatty acids and also to the general decrease in body fat.

Somatropin increases the concentration of blood glucose (blood sugar) and promotes the healing of muscle injuries. We can therefore understand why growth hormone is coveted by athletes: it allows them to radically increase their bone mass and muscle strength, and quickly.

This can be defined as “good” effects of somatropin. Add to this the fact that it facilitates the recovery after such a fractured neck of femur (but only in people over 75 years). This information was confirmed by a study in Holland. This study showed that after 24 weeks, 93.8% of patients treated with growth hormone had recovered their normal living conditions, against 75% of those who received placebo.

Another study, carried on the elderly, still showed some positive effects of growth hormone listed above. This study was designed to seniors are on hemodialysis due to kidney failure. It showed that the nutritional status of patients and their muscle strength were both improved with growth hormone released by Genf20.

Most athletes do not realize the risk they incur by using growth hormones. Indeed, somatropin produced a lot of adverse effects on the body. For example, it leads to diabetes (due to glucose intolerance) and acromegaly.

This is seen in people who have finished their growth and macroscopic effects, namely an abnormal increase in the size of the extremities: head, jaw, hands, feet, fingers expand. Then also a widening and distortion of facial features, an increase in certain parts of the skull, thickening of the skin and impaired nerve function at the times you use Genf20 hormone release.

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