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HGH Injections – Do they do what they promise?

HGH or GH is a synthesised chemical derived from a hormone that is naturally produced in the body. This is commonly dubbed “Human Growth Hormone”. HGH injections are usually administered clinically to children with growth problems and adults who have pituitary glands that don’t produce the GH properly.

HGH injections were preferred for a long time by competing Olympic athletes who discovered that a boost of the chemical could increase muscle mass. Although this may be useful in body-building, there has been no conclusive proof that the increase in muscle mass has anything to do with muscle strength.

In fact, this is something that is yet to be verified. If this is the case, then the only true affect that it may have had on the aforementioned athletes would be psychological. Having found no real use for the drug in athletic realms and only a very small application in medicine, scientists turned to the possibility of HGH as an anti-aging agent.

Although this seems unlikely, tests have proven that HGH increases muscle mass in aging subjects and has the added benefit of increasing bone density. Although clinical studies are still in their infancy, there are a lot of older people who currently subscribe to regular HGH injections.

These people have reported higher levels of activity and general health than those who do not make use of the drug. There is of course the possibility that like, with the athletes, the placebo affect is taking place.

Although there is a visible growth in muscle mass, the lack of actual growth in strength levels is not noticed by patients. For many, the use of the drug has proven instrumental in encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle. If this is all that HGH injections can accomplish, it certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Clinical studies over a number of years have shown that to a great extent, one of the most damaging aspects in aging is the psychological aspect. As soon as people begin to “feel old” and do less, their bodies immediately reset to fit this pattern of behaviour. Soon they are capable of less, and so the downward spiral continues.

HGH injections have proven useful in many applications when it comes to rehabilitation of the symptoms of both muscle trauma, and simple old age. Whether the effects have been proven as medically sound is irrelevant.

Many people have managed to stave off the effects of low muscle mass and low bone density, finding activities such as walking and stair climbing easy and comfortable again. For others, the simple “look” that the hormone clearly gives has been enough of a motivation to physically develop the muscles with exercise from that point on.

Whatever the actual physiological affects for HGH injections, one thing is clear. If it works for some, it is worth investigating the affects on the general discomfort of growing old. Although the hormone does not replace anything but rather enlarges muscles that are there, tests have proven that sometimes, that is all the inspiration people need.

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