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6 best ways on how to look younger

We all get it, a woman who has achieved maturity has a different appeal – from how confident she is, to the way she looks, and even on how she strut her thing. Though most men find would find some fine lines, a hint of gray hair, and even some wrinkles to be sexy, a woman, on the other hand, could actually find these signs of age frustrating – annoying enough that she immediately runs to the best method there is in order to answer most of her questions on how to look younger.

Women are known to be really conscious on how she looks. A slight bulge and even some puffiness on her eyes would even cause her to worry the whole morning – and would not stop until she reach to that fast and immediate solution that would make the cause of her worries to vanish.

A number of pills and even procedures are offered to all women in order to give her that elixir and fountain of youth. But what does it really take to really look younger? Does this really need an invasive procedure to control the normal signs of aging? Here are 6 best ways on how to look younger.

    1. Expose your skin less. At least 80% of the early manifestation of signs of aging is caused by your skin’s over exposure to the sun. Further, most of these signs of how much we took fun under the sun would show up on our face – yes, those wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots. But what about those who really needs to be under the sun as required by their occupation? First, slather on some sunscreen, and, in particular those that have at least SPF 15. Determine how much protection you really need by knowing your skin type.

    2. Shade on. Know those fine lines around the eyes? Ever wonder why they had appeared on your eyes even as early as when you are only on your late 20s? Still, blame how much you love and worship the sun. In order to prevent this while you’re still young, wear shades in order to prevent squinting.

    3. Be early. Not only on your appointments and even on your way to work but more especially on you’re exercise and physical routines. Go jog or even bike before the sun is on its peak which is of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

    4. Stop the weight yo-yo. Though most people recommend the technique of loosing weight in most questions on how to look younger, health experts say that the actual and constant losing and gaining weight would actually affect the skin’s normal elasticity. A constant weight loss and gain would primarily tell the skin to not snap back.

    5. Do not light up. And, we mean, that cigarette stick. It is a known fact that smoking would actually cause the abnormal manifestation of wrinkles.

    6. Lie on your back. Constant sleeping on your stomach would not be only bad for your posture and even back, it would also make facial creases appear. If you can’t resist sleeping on this position, we recommend purchasing a wrinkle pillow.


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