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What is HGH?

HGH or better known as “human growth hormone” is a natural or peptide hormone that is produced by the pituitary glands in the human body. A similar chemical known as Somatotrophin is produced by mammals. Clinically the synthetic version of this hormone (first developed in the 1970’s) is used to treat children with growth disorders and adults who fail to naturally produce the hormone.

For a time it was used by athletes as it is said to increase muscle mass and bone density. Until it could be detected by blood tests, many athletes used HGH as a substitute for more commonly known anabolic steroids. What is HGH in relation to the anti-aging process?

Because of its proven effects on muscle and bone mass, tests have been conducted on aging candidates. The subjects showed a significant increase in both muscle and bone density. Unfortunately though, there has not been conclusive proof that the muscle growth made for stronger muscles. In addition, the reports of bone density growth have not been finally proven.

For those who are wondering what is HGH in relation to fighting the aging process, there are no conclusive answers. There are many who are striving to fight the aging process. The main problems with aging are the decreased muscle mass and bone density that comes from the actual aging of muscle tissue and decreased bone marrow.

The problems are intensified by the fact that older people tend to be less active. As doctors have been saying for many years, the process of aging cannot be stopped, but is rather made more pleasant and less traumatic when muscles are kept strong and active. This involves a good amount of exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy amount of intellectual or mental stimulation.

What is HGH? It certainly isn’t a magical elixir of youth. Although further study is required, it has been conclusively proven that the use of HGH can improve the size of your muscles. If this is enough to inspire regular low-impact exercise, then perhaps HGH has its place in helping the aging process.

In the end, as everybody finally concludes, age cannot be stopped, merely slowed or eased. Some of the most active and studiously “busy” aging people are the ones who seem to outrun the serious affects of aging by a far larger margin than their contemporaries who don’t.

Whether the use hormones such as HGH will prove to make a significant change in the long run, or more sophisticated chemicals are discovered or synthesised, the basics will always remain the same. An active mind and body and a healthy lifestyle will carry one a lot further than a regular dose of chemical enhancement.

Just as athletes take care of their bodies and manage to push them to a point beyond the records of known human achievement, so too must we learn to use the same tactics when approaching old age. If we employ an attitude of regular, concerted and consistent effort to keep our bodies in a state of motion and our minds in a state of thoughtful activity, we need not fear the pitfalls of early aging.

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